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Prayer for America - SAB
Prayer for America - 2 Part Mixed
Inspired by the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14
this thoughtful prayer begs God to
"put forth Your hand and heal this land of ours."
It's a moving and timely plea.

I Thank You, Lord - SAB
A melodic, thoughtful prayer of thanks
for all the blessings we receive.
Thanksgiving or General worship

Walkin' with My Lord - SATB
Walkin' with My Lord - SAB
Prepare to snap your fingers and tap your toes!
This one really swings!
For: General worship

Come and Sing - SAB
An upbeat and joyous invitation to sing praises to the Lord.
As with much of Steve's music it combines
traditional and contemporary flavors.
For: General worship

O Thou to Whose All-Searching Sight - SATB
OThou to Whose All-Searching Sight - SAB
Timeless words with a contemporary feel and an ending
that carries a special punch that's sure to inspire the listener.
For: General worship

Stars of the Night, Burning Bright - SATB
Stars of the Night, Burning Bright - SAB
A tender, but passionate lullaby for the newborn baby. It's
very melodic and easy to sing.
Christmas Eve

Sing a New Song - SATB
Sing a New Song - SAB
Enegretic and celebratory, it also references
"O Come, All ye faithful"
Advent or general worship

My God Is - SATB
My God Is - SAB
Bright and lilting with a slight island feel,
it confirms God's omnipotence.
For: General worship

Yes, Jesus Loves Me - 2-pt
Words you've know and loved,
but in a brand new, lyrical setting.
For: General worship

Jesus, the Lord, Is My Light - SATB
Jesus, the Lord, Is My Light - SAB
Based on Psalm 27, the up-tempo, infectious beat
makes an already encouraging psalm even more inspiring.
For: General worship

This I Pray - SATB
This I Pray - SAB
This melodic and prayerful song
implores God to fill us with His Spirit.
Pentecost, general worship

Alleluia, Alleluia! - SATB
Alleluia, Alleluia! - SAB
This energetic and jubilant song invites the whole creation
to rise up and cry, "Alleluia!"
For: General worship,
Palm Sunday, Easter

Shout to the Lord! - SATB
Shout to the Lord! - SAB
The beat is so lively you won't be able to keep your toes from tapping.
Who knew praising the Lord could be this much fun!
For: General worship

The Greatest of These Is Love - SATB
The Greatest of These Is Love - SAB
Words from the "Love Chapter" in a
fresh, new setting that's sure to inspire.
For: General worship

The God of Abraham Praise - SATB
The God of Abraham Praise - SAB
A majestic song of exultation that invites
all of creation to praise Him.
For: General worship

Glorify the Savior's Name - SATB
Upbeat and uplifting, it's an exciting celebration
of His name.
For: General Worship

They Cried, "Hosanna" - SATB
A  moving depiction of His entry into Jerusalem.
The rousing chorus is sure to inspire.
Palm Sunday

He Is Risen! - SATB
He Is Risen! - SAB
An infectious beat propels this rousing celebration of the resurrection.
It's easy to sing, but has a dynamic effect that will send spirits soaring.

Jesus Lives! - Children's Choir (Unison)
Yes Jesus Lives!  And here, the children joyfully sing the story of
Christ's triumph over death: He died and now He lives!

Come Worship the Newborn King - SATB
Come Worship the Newborn King - SAB
Come Worship the Newborn King - SA
This joyful and energetic song invites us all to rejoice at the birth
of our King. It will be a compelling and exciting addition
to your nativity celebration.

Joseph's Song - SATB
Joseph's Song - SAB
Joseph's role in the Nativity story is often under-appreciated.
What might he have been thinking as the birth of Jesus drew near?
With a plaintive melody and lush harmonies this song offers a
different, heart-rending perspective of the advent of our saviour.
Even the steady plodding of Mary's donkey can be heard
in the accompaniment.

Worthy of Our Praise - SATB
Worthy of Our Praise - SAB
Worthy of Our Praise - SA
This uplifting song makes it crystal clear that, for all He has done for us,
He is Worthy of Our Praise. It's a great way to praise Him any time of year.
For: General Worship, Praise

In the Shadow of Your Wings - SATB
In the Shadow of Your Wings - SA
In the Shadow of Your Wings stresses the confidence we have
in God's protection and care in the face of whatever trials might confront us.
For: General Worship, Reassurance

I"ll Not Want (Psalm 23) - SATB
I'll Not Want (Psalm 23) - SAB
I'll Not Want (Psalm 23) - SA
A melody that evokes the peace and assurance of the world's most
beloved psalm - with just a hint of a gospel flavor.
For: General Worship, Devotion

In the Kingdom - SATB
Beginning with a subdued and thoughtful melody, In the Kingdom builds
into a rousing and spirited anticipation of the joy to come in the world tomorrow.
For: General Worship

Take This Bread - SATB
A thoughtful, meditative song that can be used either as an anthem
or during the sharing of the bread and wine.
For: the
Lord's Supper

Walk in the Spirit - SATB
Walk in the Spirit - SAB
Walk in the Spirit - 2-Part
Inspired by Galatians 5:23, 24, Walk in the Spirit reflects our need for
God's Holy Spirit in our daily walk with Christ. Perfect for Pentecost
or for general worship, it's very melodic and easy to sing.
Pentecost, Ordination, Baptism, Confirmation

Bless This Child With Love - SATB
Bless This Child With Love - SAB
One of our most important Christian duties is to our children.
This gentle melody suggests some of the ways we can teach them
and guide them - and how important it is to bless them with love.
Baptism, Confirmation, Children' Sunday

God Has Plans for Me - Children's Choir (Unison or 2-Part)
With a lilting calypso feel, children urge us all to teach them the
principles of Godly living, because "God Has Plans for Me".
For: General Worship

When the Trumpet Sounds - SATB with Trumpet
In a spirited setting of I Cor.15:51,52 and I Thess. 4:16,17 When the Trumpet Sounds
captures the excitement of the resurrection to come at Christ's return.
For: General Worship

Praise the name of the Lord - SAB
Praise the Name of the Lord - SATB
Just try to keep your toes from tapping with this rousing number.
For: General Worship
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